ETH Bangkok listed on Giveth Quadratic Funding Round

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ETH Bangkok is a vibrant Bangkok-based community for web3 developers and builders. In support of Devcon 2024 taking place in Bangkok, we are hosting an event to:

  • Facilitate the biggest gatherings of builders communities in SEA to share opportunities and challenges of growing builders communities
  • Connect and bridge web3 players in Thailand and Southeast Asia (SEA) with global ecosystems
  • Educate and inspire more web3 developers and builders through real world use cases and role models

Key components

  • Gathering 500+ builders and developers from SEA
  • 2 day full of talks, panels, educational workshops and speed matching to know Who’s Who in the local and international ecosystem
  • Networking area for builders and employers to meet talents
  • Two day agenda: Day 1 for Thailand and international ecosystems and Day 2 for builders communities across SEA

Key topics

  • Web3 use cases and adoption in SEA
  • Opportunities and challenges in growing builders communities in SEA
  • On-chain governance and security – how applicable is it to SEA landscape?


  • Donation will be used towards logistics of the event, venue and F&B for attendees during 2 days


  • APAC DAO – owner of 3K+ builders SEA-community active in education, business matching and “Always Building Code” initiative supporting 13K+ developers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We already hosted 40+ meetups, developers workshop and 2 builders conference – BUIDL Vietnam and Asia in for aggregately 5K attendees in the past 2 years with Base, Mantle, Axelar, Arbitrum among our partners.
  • atato – owner of 3K+ builders ETH Bangkok community

Supporting organizing committee

  • Crypto City Connext (CCC) is a Web3 collaborative framework in Thailand fostering 10 Web3 startups. With 2,000 Discord members, 10 public sector partners, 5 university collaborations, and 2 commercial conglomerates, CCC possesses a strong network and resources to help these startups reach their full potential.
  • SmartContract Blockchain Studio, founded in 2016, is a leading blockchain technology provider in South-East Asia. Our expertise is recognized with awards from Frost & Sullivan, ETHGlobal Tokyo, and SCB10x. Currently, we are now focusing on propelling the mass adoption and financial integration of Account Abstraction and Real World Asset.
  • INIT protocol and Stella – Thailand’s leading Foundational Liquidity Layer for DApps and Leveraged DeFi project